A user by the name of Go32111 has gotten the newest Gamepro (Issue 226, July 07), and it is full of information on Halo 3. Fortunately, he posted it all for everyone to see. There is plenty of information on weapons, vehicles, maps, and customization, and even some that was until now unrevealed.

First, the weapons:

Magnum – The Magnum is much improved since Halo 2, dishing out slower, more punishing shots. But it’s still not back to Halo 1 strength, as the clip currently carries just eight rounds and you can’t zoom in. Still a nice, precise choice for dual-wield combos.

Energy Sword – The infamous Sword gets two tweaks aimed at balancing its overwhelming power. One change is a brief weapon-switch delay. The second adjustment is more controversial: the Energy Sword now has an ammo meter that depletes with each attack, which keeps players from hoarding it indefinitely.

While those weapons certainly aren’t new, they have changed and will be very different in their new forms. Vehicles is where it really starts to get interesting though:

Wraith – The lumbering Covenant Wraith returns with a new player-operated secondary turret. It’s helpful for driving off boarding attempts.

Brute Chopper – This ugly, jagged Brute Chopper looks like something Firefly’s Reavers might drive into battle. Its twin cannons nad [sic] heavy, blade-like chassis can pulverize lesser vehicles in a nanosecond.

The wraith may be nothing new, but the Brute Chopper definitely is. It sounds really awesome, and will be a great alternative to the banshee.

As for equipment, there is only one new:

Radar Jammer – Hurl this item into a fight and watch as chaos and confusion engulf friend and foe alike. The jammer scrambles the radar of all nearby players and triggers disco-like light flashes to further disorient your prey.

This is very different than the grav lift, bubble shield, and power drainer we have already, and could make things even more chaotic then they can already be. Then there are the new maps:

Shrine – A UNSC battle cruiser looms menacingly over Shrine’s sprawling sand dunes. Shrine is the largest map ever to appear in a Halo game, so Bungie put a key emphasis on vehicle-on-vehicle combat. Shrine has few ties to older Halo 2 maps, but its massive size recalls Relic.

Epitaph – Epitaph is an arcane Forerunner cathedral-like structure that towers above the surrounding wasteland. The central killing floor is crisscrossed with elevated walkways, exterior hallways, and lifts. It’s a spiritual successor to Halo 2 maps like Colossus, Gemini, and Midship.

Last Resort – Zanzibar, one of Halo 2’s most beloved maps, has been rebuilt and rechristened Last Resort for Halo 3. This industrial site is almost twice as big, with a less cluttered internal layout and more paths into the flag room.

Those sound good, and will be nice after so long playing the same three maps. There is also one more, an unnamed map, although it is still unfinished:

Bungie sneakily sent us two mysterious concept paintings labeled only as “Work in Progress Map.” We see the icey motif and pray for a new Lockout, but only Bungie knows the truth.

The last bit is about customization. You will have much more control over how you look than in the first two Halos, or even the beta:

Halo 3’s online mode offers new armor permutations that allow players to customize their personas from head to toe. Will the Covenant Elite player models be eligible for similar upgrades? Only Bungie knows.

Considering how awesome the beta is, once new weapons, vehicles, maps, equipment, and options are added, not to mention an entire single player campaign, Halo 3 is going to be a seriously awesome game (No matter what anyone else says). September 25th can’t come fast enough.

7 Responses to “Halo 3: New details on weapons, vehicles (Brute Chopper!), maps, and more”

Napuja Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 7:49 am

Ohhhh ahhh ohhhhhhOHHHHHH

You’ll have to add the musical notes yourself on that one
Dexter345 Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 10:21 am

I always thought the Energy Sword from Halo 2 ought to have ammo, or at least the option for it. It made no sense to give it ammo in the campaign but leave it infinite in the multiplayer.

What I really want to see as far as maps go are remakes and/or spiritual successors to Chiron and Sidewinder from Halo 1. Rockets on Chiron is awesome, and some of my favorite CTF games happened on Sidewinder.
Brandon Undead Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 10:25 am

I loved Wizard in part 1, with sniping pistols and rifles.


Dexter345 Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 11:17 am

Oh man, I can’t even imagine how many times I’m going to say “Get to da choppa!” while playing Halo 3.
backflip10019 Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 12:22 pm

Thanks zizzy.

You’ve inspired me to waste yet another day on the Halo 3 Beta.
High resolution scans of Gamepro’s Halo 3 article at Arrogantics.com Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 5:42 pm

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mallion v2 Says:
June 6th, 2007 at 11:47 pm

if the sword did had amo id be easly wasted then the shotgun guy would always win thats why be sides its more balanced game play now n no gun glitches so far and so good
and another thing that old map sucked if it aint in halo 2 then it aint gonna be in halo 3