5 Firefox Plugins For The Simple Things

Today, I will introduce you 5 useful plugins for Firefox. They help to make things simple!

First one: The Resurrect Pages

This plugin can help you to visit unavailable website with its cache from google and other snap cache website. You just need to install it in your Firefox, and click with a button. It is very easy to use and powerful.

Second, the “smart link” which will open plain text URLs.

You may confuse that what the hell is this? For example, you want open a website, however due to some boardband  reason, it is slow… and hard to be open. In this situation, you can use the smart link to open this page, it will remove all the picture, css and js codes, in order to make it open faster.

Third, the Copy Link URL.

This one will help you to copy all the links on a page. That will save you lots of time when you need to collect links data!

Fourth, A famous Seo extension “SEOQuake”.

This is a super tool for seo, you can check the webpage’s ranking, backlinks, traffic and many many more stuffs. Also, it will show these seo datas in EACH of the google search result!

Finally, the pass words saver

This plugin will remember all your pass words, and lock them with one pass word. So next time you need to login a website, you don’t need to put in your pass words and account each time. It is really helping.

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